Built by DNV, Veracity is an independent industry cloud platform and digital marketplace created to help key industries unlock the power of data and gain easy access to a growing network of services. We provide the tools and platform capabilities for customers to share trusted data in a secure and efficient manner, boosting collaboration and driving sustainable business.

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Delivering trust and connectivity to industry digitalization

We help maritime and energy customers turn raw data into real-time verified data that can be used for data-driven decision making, contractual agreements, machine learning, and more. Furthermore, we connect and enrich data in our expanding ecosystem of customers, providers, partners, and industry stakeholders.

On Veracity, you will find 40 000 active users, running verified data for 10 000 vessels and connecting 6 000 solar plants. Through our partner program, we can further connect to another 35 000 vessels, globally. This is just the beginning; join us in driving positive change through the smart use of data.

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We bring world-class experts together – empowered with tools and resources to learn, innovate, and deliver meaningful work. We’re proud of the work we love doing together, and we’re inspired by each other every day to safeguard life, property, and the environment. Learn more about us and the work we do.

Anupma - Full Stack Developer

Meet Anupma, one of Veracity's newest team players.

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Derek - Lead Data Scientist

Derek is the ultimate problem-solver. We hear more about his methodical approach and some cool projects he's spearheading.

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Giulia - UX/UI Designer

Hailing from the ancient city of Mantua, Italy, Giulia plays an integral role in humanizing our technology. 

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If your ambition is to be at the heart of the energy transition solving complex challenges, then DNV is the place for you.

Learn more about what we do, how we embed our purpose of safeguarding life, property, and environment in our day-to-day business and why it makes sense to build your career with us.

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Veracity summer students


[00:01] Here at DNV I've been working as a developer at Veracity.

[00:05] It was very important for me to have a place where I could gather a lot of

[00:10] knowledge and DNV's a very big company and I have a lot of friends that

[00:14] worked there before and, uh, they gave me a positive insight.

[00:19] My name is Stine. I am studying physics and mathematics.

[00:23] My name is, Thomas.

[00:25] I'm studying engineering in ICT and currently working at DNV.

[00:31] Veracity collects a lot of data for ship owners.

[00:34] Our job this summer was to visualize this data, in a dashboard.

[00:39] And my project has been to develop an application using React and TypeScript to analyze the products.

[00:48] It's important for me to get my voice heard and the company and have some impact.

[00:53] When we started here, we just got thrown into a regular team and they treated me like I was a regular employee.

[01:01] I had a supervisor that sat beside me almost every day so I can just ask question and he was always there to answer.

[01:09] So we got really good support from both our supervisor and also the rest of the team.

[01:15] This is a great place to work, not only because you get many challenges, but you can do everything here.

[01:24] Us summer students, we joined the morning swim every Wednesday morning, so that was very fun.

[01:28] We also took the kayaking course so we can run the kayaks.

[01:33] DNV is so diverse. We work with people in Shanghai.

[01:37] There are people from all over the world working here at as well.

[01:41] Learning how other cultures can work together to make a proactive environment has been really, really inspiring.

Hear from Stine and Thomas about their time at DNV.

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