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We deliver shared services within Human Resources, Finance, IT, and Real Estate & Procurement to DNV and DNV-owned companies globally as the internal support function.

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Improve competitiveness

We’re here to enable DNV to grow, succeed and improve competitiveness. Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re responsible for many of the tools, processes, and daily routines that keep DNV running effectively and efficiently, and our teams are constantly reimagining and refining how we work.

Why DNV?


[00:02] What made me choose to work at DNV?

[00:04] I had not heard of DNV before I saw the job posted online.

[00:08] So I did a little bit of research, um,

[00:10] filled out the application and had an interview with an amazing manager.

[00:16] And I'm so glad I chose this position and the position chose me.

[00:21] I do love the company. I have great manager, I have great coworkers,

[00:26] and I do hope to be here in the long run.

[00:31] Um, I'm learning a lot. Um, the comradery is great,

[00:37] so I just wanna really say thank you for choosing me also.

[00:42] Thank you.

Kimberly explains why she chose DNV.

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Desiree talks about the importance of recognition at DNV.

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If your ambition is to be at the heart of the energy transition solving complex challenges, then DNV is the place for you.

Learn more about what we do, how we embed our purpose of safeguarding life, property, and environment in our day-to-day business and why it makes sense to build your career with us.

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Opportunities and growth


[00:01] Hey, I'm Jakub Olik

[00:03] the newly appointed quality director of our Global Shared Services organization.

[00:07] Such development has happened really fast for me, but naturally not overnight.

[00:12] When I joined DNV six and a half years ago,

[00:14] I started in the service delivery role, helping set up the Global Center HR transfer services to Poland, measure our performance.

[00:20] Subsequently, my focus shifted towards enabling technology for our shared services,

[00:27] such as the request handling system, and then taking part in further service restructuring initiatives.

[00:34] After that, I took a detour into leading operational teams, handling payroll, compensation and benefits.

[00:42] So this was a great way to develop a service, uh, work with professionals and to keep our customers satisfied.

[00:46] And now I'm back to my academic roots.

[00:48] So the land of quality management for all of our services,

[00:51] my daily grind includes everything from information security to compliance and all the exciting opportunities for improvement at DNV.

[01:00] Uh, we love talking about the, the journey, and I'm no exception.

[01:04] It's been an awesome ride so far. Nothing short of extraordinary views.

[01:09] Thanks to all of you for letting me be part of it and doing the best I can.

[01:13] Um, let's see where the path goes. So wish me luck.

Hear what Jakub has to say about his growth and development at DNV.

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