Group functions in DNV are experts on finance and accounting, human resources, communication and sustainability, legal, tax and compliance – providing company-wide support, governance and strategic projects. Group also includes our strategic Research and Development unit, which provides science-based insights and foresight to tackle transformations and challenges across the industries we serve.

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Governance and innovation

DNV Group provides the management of the DNV group of companies and is also home to our Group Research and Development (R&D) unit.

5% of our annual revenue goes to our Group R&D unit for strategic research, innovation, and technology development to solve industry challenges that impact our customers and society and support our growth.

Thought leadership


[00:02] In order to decarbonize transport, we need to develop both electricity,

[00:07] biofuel, and hydrogen based fuels at the same time,

[00:11] in spite of them being at very different stage of maturity.

[00:15] The priorities, however, are clear.

[00:19] Whatever can be electrified, should be electrified because electricity is a very good source of energy

[00:24] which is both very efficient and fairly easy. Can be green.

[00:30] The areas of transport that cannot use electricity will first, no.

[00:34] See if they can use biofuel. Biofuel is ready today, but sustainable biofuels is also a scarce resource where there will be competition.

[00:37] Going forward, we will see a lot of eels or hydrogen based fuels uptake, uh

[00:57] but that will not happen until the mid thirties where these will really scale in aviation and in shipping.

Our Group Research and Development (R&D) team lead the delivery of one of our largest annual reports: the Energy Transition Outlook (ETO).

Hear from our Group R&D Programme Director, Sverre:

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