Why DNV?

Since 1864 we’ve been dedicated to safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Today, we work at the forefront of new technologies and techniques to help our customers transform for a more sustainable future.

Our company

Alongside the maritime and energy sectors, we now provide a range of services at the forefront of multiple industries across the world.

As we’ve guided customers through transformations, our company has also transformed with them. Sustainability is now central to what we stand for and how we operate.

Celebrating 160 years


For 160 years, DNV has built trust and confidence between parties. We've done that by setting standards and providing facts and independent expertise to make sure that things work in a safe and reliable way. Together, we have built an invisible infrastructure of trust across the world. How have we earned and kept this trust over the decades? To find out, we must do what we've always done. We must look at the facts. In 1864, DNV is established to survey the seaworthiness of Norwegian ships. Based on DNV's impartial assessment, insurance companies can set the right insurance premium for ships and cargo. In 1883, the Norwegian Fleet grows to the third biggest fleet in the world, and we expand our presence to ports across the globe. In 1888, our first surveyor is posted in China, and 10 years later, we open our first office in the U.S. In 1914, we’re at the first meeting of what was to become the International Treaty of the Safety of Life at Sea, held as a result of the sinking of the Titanic. In 1953, we establish a research department and start pioneering an analytical and scientific approach to shipbuilding. In 1969, we buy the largest computer in Norway and develop the first software solution for design and optimization of ships and offshore structures. Oil and gas activities take off in the North Sea, and our knowledge about waves, materials, and structural integrity becomes even more valuable. Knowledge transfer from one industry to another becomes key to our growth. In 1987, ISO 9000 standards are introduced. We become one of the first companies to certify corporations' quality and environmental processes. This takes us into a wide range of industries, and we expand our global footprint. In 1994, we start certifying medical devices in the EU. By 2007, 7 out of 10 offshore wind farms are certified by us. Also, 65% of all offshore pipelines are built to our standards. In 2008, we start certifying quality standards in U.S. hospitals and help them improve patient care. And by 2010, more than 6,000 food and beverage companies are certified by us. In 2012, electrification of industry and society is really accelerating. We become a globally leading adviser and certifier of cleaner energy, power generation transmission, and distribution. In 2013, we joined forces with Germanisher Lloyd and become the world's leading classification society. At this point, one in 4 classed ships is built to our technical rules and standards. We launched Veracity in 2017 - an independent platform and marketplace for industry data. Now, more than a million people use our software solutions. In 2020, we scale up our digital services, remote audits, drone inspections, and AI capabilities. In 2023, we become one of the fastest-growing providers of cybersecurity services in Europe. Today, we are 15,000 experts operating in more than 100 countries inspired by a common purpose to safeguard life, property, and the environment. We don't know what the future will bring, but we do know that the world's energy, food, health, and transport systems are undergoing huge transformations. Companies will succeed in this changing world only if their work is underpinned by trust. For that, they need an impartial and clear voice that they can rely on, and that is how we, at DNV, can and will make an impact - for the next 160 years.

How does a company that started in 1864 stay relevant in today’s world? For us, it’s all about trust, expertise and innovation. Learn how DNV has developed and built trust over the last 160 years.

Meet Kimberley - Area Production and QHSE Manager

Kim talks about the pride she feels working at DNV, in particular as a woman in a male dominated specialism.



We help enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our customers in the global shipping industry.

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Energy Systems

We help customers navigate the complex transition to a decarbonized and more sustainable energy future.

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Digital Solutions

We provide engineering software tools and enterprise solutions for managing risk to improve safety and performance across industries.

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Career growth and development

Working here, you can expect to deliver career and industry-defining work. You’ll be given the time to build your network, the resources to support your development, and the freedom to satisfy your curiosity and desire to learn.


[00:02] Hi, I am Nicholas. I'm from the solar Department in Santiago, Chile office.

[00:05] Currently I'm in Barcelona experiencing a knowledge booster program.

[00:09] This program consists in being up to three months in a different location from yours. And yeah, so the good thing of this program is that you get to share with other colleagues that you don't usually get to meet.

[00:20] Also, experiencing different cultures in different countries, and this is one of the many benefits of working in DNV, a global company.

Our Values

We care for each other, our customers, our planet, and we take care of ourselves.

We dare to explore, to experiment, to be different, and to be courageous, curious and creative.

We share our experience and knowledge. We collaborate with each other and our customers, and we continue to grow and develop as a result.

ESG and Sustainability

Sustainability is central to what we stand for and how we operate. It is the natural extension of our purpose to safeguard life, property, and the environment. From our roots in the maritime and energy sectors, our services have expanded to include assurance, technical expertise, and advisory services in ship design, decarbonization, renewable energy, sustainable supply chains, energy efficiency, new fuel technologies, cyber security, ESG reporting, and green finance.

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