Kim - Area Production and QHSE Manager

Kim talks about the pride she feels working at DNV, in particular as a woman in a male dominated specialism.

Meet Kimberley


[00:03] I had an opportunity to join a startup, in the c-suite. And it was an opportunity that I couldn't say no to.

[00:11] The lessons learned were multifold. One was that leadership really does matter, and I maybe better appreciated the emphasis that DNV puts on leadership.

[00:21] And how leading people is critical to success. I didn't want to invest all my existing and improved talents into helping another company where I can help a company that's already been very good to me. And then the role was really fit me like a glove.

[00:39] I love the deal and I love solving customer problems, and this role affrods both and at a global level.

[00:48] Ever since my first interaction with DNV, the values on the wall are embodied in the people and in the interactions.

[00:56] And that's rare for a company. It's not just the words on a page, but it is truly everything that we do.

[01:04] We act, we feel, at DNV. And I think that's critical. And then the second thing that matches me really well from a personality perspective is the strive to always do better.

[01:15] I am off the charts from a continuous improvement perspective, and the fact that DNV wants to have the conversation in the room and get better every single time, no matter how difficult that is, I really appreciate that part of our culture.

[01:31] People really welcomed me back with open arms. They were excited and that felt so reassuring. I think there's always a hesitation to come back once you've left an employer, but I can assure everyone who's thinking about it, that there is, there should be no hesitation.

[01:50] Really, people were very lovely and it's like I didn't even miss a step. I think if you look at some of the aquisitions that we've made and the type of talent that we're bringing on board, you recognise that we're really just beginning from a growth and innovation perspective.

[02:08] People like to say at DNV, the future is endless, and I see that as a career comment as well. And so I look forward to all those opportunities as they present themselves.

Kim talks about the pride she feels working at DNV, in particular as a woman in a male dominated specialism.