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We help customers navigate the complex transition to a decarbonized and more sustainable energy future. We provide assurance that energy systems work safely and effectively, using solutions that are increasingly digital.

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Renewable energy

Become a vital part of the global energy transition and help our clients accelerate their progress.

We help industries and governments to navigate the many complex, interrelated transitions taking place globally and regionally in the energy industry.

Why DNV?


[00:01] There are several reasons why I decided to join DNV first because of the missions that were exciting and challenging.

[00:06] And I knew that I was going to be able to interact with interesting people from all around the world.

[00:11] Uh, another reason that made me choose this organization is probably the first contact that I got with my team.

[00:18] It was during the recruitment process, in the interview phase. I felt like they were genuinely interested in me

[00:25] in what I wanted to achieve and how they could support me to reach my goals, um

[00:30] and continue to learn and grow within the organization.

Leslie tells you why she works for DNV.

Projects and case studies

You’ll be involved in technically challenging and innovative projects worldwide demanding a broad variety of expertise. Our strong focus on research and innovation exposes you to a wide range of opportunities and means you can engage in projects which develop next generation solutions.

Validating hydrogen

DNV is helping to change the timeline from hydrogen on the horizon to hydrogen in homes, businesses, and transport systems.

Floating wind

20,000 turbines will be installed in the next 30 years, each mounted on floating structures and we’re making sure they can achieve their potential.

COP 27

For the world to avert catastrophic climate change, the energy transition must keep moving. DNV is helping accelerate it.

Employee stories

If your ambition is to be at the heart of the energy transition solving complex challenges, then DNV is the place for you.

Learn more about what we do, how we embed our purpose of safeguarding life, property, and environment in our day-to-day business and why it makes sense to build your career with us.

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Dilawar - Consultant

Dilawar shares how DNV allows him to actively contribute to the energy transition and work on leading edge projects like digitalisation and AI.

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Tamara - Engineer (Renewables)

Tamara tells about her job as a renewable energy engineer – working on cost and energy modelling software for simulating turbines.

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Martin - Global Key Account Manager

Martin shares why DNV is still the place for him after eleven years, and why our work on decarbonising energy systems around the world is so important to him.  

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Energy transition outlook


[00:01] It is eight years since world leaders gathered in Paris for what was supposed to

[00:05] be a landmark agreement to tackle global warming,

[00:09] and we are fast approaching 2030,

[00:12] which should have been the first staging post to reaching net zero by 2050.

[00:18] Since then,

[00:19] the priorities of policymakers have been defined by short-term shocks.

[00:25] Although the Paris Agreement promised a new approach to energy policy,

[00:29] the focus on energy security is shifting the balance of the energy trimmer.

[00:35] The rise of protectionism and emphasis on energy security is leading to many regions turning to renewables.

[00:42] Whilst some continue to rely on domestically produced fossil fuels, solar and wind continue to grow.

[00:49] Although uptake is being hindered by supply chain disruption, permitting issues,

[00:56] and grid infrastructure bottlenecks,

[01:04] and even if governments committed to a low carbon future licenses continue to be granted for new oil and gas fields.

[01:09] Where does this leave the energy transition?

The Energy Transition Outlook presents the results from our independent model of the world’s energy system to 2050 and forecasts the energy transition globally and in 10 world regions.

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