We drive scientific and business developments in our industries. We work with the world's leading companies to help solve their risk and safety problems and use our expertise to address the challenges of the future.

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Our business

In Germany we have over 1,250 employees working across 16 office locations across most of our major business areas.

We’re mostly based in Hamburg, but also have offices in Essen, Dresden, Rostock, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog and other locations around Germany and have a strong presence in the Maritime, Business Assurance, Energy, and Digital Solutions sectors.


We help enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our customers in the global shipping industry.

Business Assurance

We help companies ensure compliance, build high-performing management systems, and meet competence needs.

The Accelerator

We rapidly nurture successful businesses and services that will shape the future of assurance.


We provide legal, tax, compliance, finance, communications, HR support, and are home to our Research and Development unit.

Global Shared Services

We provide high-quality services, and processes within HR, Finance, and IT to the entire global business.


We are DNV’s independent cloud platform and network of modular tools, built to manage and establish trust in industry data.

Energy Systems

We help customers navigate the complex transition to a decarbonized and more sustainable energy future.

Digital Solutions

We provide engineering software tools and enterprise solutions for managing risk to improve safety and performance across industries.

Supply Chain & Product Assurance

We help customers address the increased demand for trust and transparency around products, assets, supply chains, and ecosystems.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package so that alongside delivering ground-breaking projects, you can enjoy your time outside the office. Here's a selection of what you can expect from us:

Profit Share

You’ll be part of our global profit share scheme that means we all share in our success as a business. If we profit, so do you. This will be part of our Total Compensation approach each year and depends on our year-end results.

Pension Schemes

We care about your long-term financial security and prioritize pension and retirement benefits to reflect our caring values.

Public Transport

You’ll be offered a "Deutschlandticket" to make public transport a more viable commuting option.

Annual Leave

You’ll be entitled to 30 days annual leave a year and special leave can be granted for moving, compassionate leave and special events such charitable activities, weddings, and funerals.

Mental Health Support

You'll have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of our strategic health management and wider workplace health support.

Mentoring Programs

You’ll have access to our mentoring courses and networking opportunities that address specific needs and help everyone develop their skills: from female mentoring initiatives to leadership development programs.

Hybrid Work Model

We work in a hybrid model (three days from the office) and have flexible starting hours. This means you can fit your work and life together in a way that works for you.

Shape Your Career

We support you in exploring different career opportunities or shifting between teams or locations, so that you can shape your career according to what you find motivating. We dare, and so can you.

Ergonomic Workplace

Sit/stand desks, high-quality adjustable chairs and balance balls are just a few examples of what ergonomic office means here. We also make it easier for you to arrange your working space at home with a desk grant.


You’ll have the opportunity to lease up to 2 bicycles as part of our JobRad program, financed through deferred compensation. Thus, you’ll support DNV's goal of reducing our environmental footprint.

Urban sports club

You‘ll have access to our fitness cooperation with Urban Sports Club as part of DNV’s health management. This means that you benefit from an exclusive discount on the use of a wide range of sports and wellness activities whenever and wherever you want.

Culture and values

We strive to be the safest place to work, and safety is embedded in our purpose. We’re always improving how we safeguard our people, support them in developing their resilience, and deliver on our purpose.

For us, no work is so urgent or important that it cannot be conducted in a safe and healthy way. At DNV, safeguarding our people is about maintaining a healthy and resilient workforce so everyone can do career and industry-defining work.

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Jobs in Germany

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