Trixie - Senior Consultant

Trixie’s career at DNV has allowed her to make many moves, both in her career and personal life.

The Story

With a chemical engineering background, Trixie started working at DNV as a graduate safety consultant in the Energy Systems business area. This took her up and down the United Kingdom as she completed placement rounds in Manchester, London, Loughborough, and Aberdeen.

After gaining experience as a safety consultant, Trixie continued her career path by taking on a role as a transactions advisory consultant. After relocating to the USA, she transitioned into her current position as a digital sales manager within the Digital Solutions Plant product line. In this role, she leverages her expertise to engage with customers, promoting DNV’s software solutions, and working on their digitalization.

“The global opportunities available at DNV meant we were able to relocate with ease. DNV is a company that trusts and values you,” said Trixie.

Trixie’s position in Digital Solutions has expanded to include a technical lead role for product development in the Plant product line. She combines her engineering expertise with customer knowledge to help develop and enhance software solutions for the energy industry.

One focus area that particularly interests Trixie is digitalization and how this can be delivered for customers – she says digitalization will be the biggest transformation in the industry and that it is exciting to play a part in this.

“DNV gives you great flexibility to follow a passion and shape your own career. Engineers don’t always take on consulting, but DNV has such a breadth of jobs and experience that there is freedom for you explore your interests.”

As well as enjoyment from the job itself, Trixie also values the healthy work-life balance offered by DNV and opportunities for growth. She is currently completing an MBA which fits in around work and personal time.