Julie - Senior Regional Solutions Sales Manager

The support offered by DNV has helped Julie balance her work and home life to enjoy both and be successful.

The Story

Julie joined DNV in 2015 as a sales manager from a competing software company in the offshore structure industry. She started as a Sesam sales manager, increasing the customer base for the product offering before moving to the pipeline team to work with the Synergi Gas product portfolio.

Throughout her time at DNV, Julie has been able to advance her career and bring ideas to the table to find the best solutions and products for customers, not just sell them.

“At the moment I’m working on an internal project to improve flexibility for customers and the licenses they hold.   DNV is very open to new ideas, initiatives and being proactive”, said Julie.

While the positivity of joining a new company can wear off after the honeymoon phase, for Julie it has been a constant throughout her time at DNV.

“I’m not an engineer, and at one point I was the only woman in the team, but I’ve always felt supported, and there are things at DNV that I don’t think I’d get anywhere else. It’s great to know that if you have an idea that you think might grow the business, you will be heard and will get supported.”

This is also matched by a unique work-life balance that allows Julie to look after her children and not make compromises.

“Being a single mum, it was extremely important for me to have flexibility. I was offered the opportunity to work from home and travel which is a balance I had not experienced before.”