Derek - Lead Data Scientist

Derek is the ultimate problem-solver. We hear more about his methodical approach and some cool projects he's spearheading.

The Story

Introducing Veracity’s platform pro and in-house cloud solution architect.

With a knack for statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms, Derek is the ultimate problem-solver. We hear more about his methodical approach and some cool projects he's spearheading.

What do you do at Veracity?

I’m a Data Scientist and Platform Architect. I lead a fantastic team that combine advanced analytics and database infrastructure to create blueprints for various platform components and data management systems. We design and build these components so that Veracity and our partners can easily monitor, report and gain leverage from available data and machine learning. When delivering these solutions to our customers, we’re constantly ensuring we’re ticking all the boxes, from data accuracy and security to the products’ performance and reliability.

Why did you decide to join Veracity?

Innovation runs through Veracity’s veins and that is what drives me, too. I have always enjoyed solving problems and building solutions with the use of data. Veracity allows me to do what I love and be a part of change for the better.

What do you like most about working at Veracity?

The energy and intelligent individuals I get to work with on a day-to-day basis. Veracity is unique; it has the dynamic energy and flexible culture of a start-up, whilst still under the watchful wing of the established and respected DNV enterprise.

Tell us about a cool project you have previously worked on at Veracity that you’re most proud of.

Too many to count! One that comes to mind was a recent research project that involved combining Motion Reference Unit (MRU) data with weather and oil rig sensor data to generate a machine learning (ML) model that could predict vessel motion in the future. It entailed a great deal of big data and engineering but was loads of fun using different tools and algorithms to analyse and create the model, then deploy it to the cloud.

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently deep in developing our data workbench. This is an end-to-end data life cycle management system with cloud governance that creates one central place for our stakeholders and developers to store, share, validate and catalogue mass amounts of data. Another is Veracity Asset Connect, a solution for shipowners that gives full insights into the condition and performance of their entire fleet, as well as giving context and value to all the data derived from them. 

One thing your colleagues don’t know about you:

I have never tried downhill skiing!

What do your ‘out-of-office’ hours look like?

I switch off my screen and head outdoors. I enjoy hiking and making the most of the beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Quick Fire:

Office essential: My triple screen set-up

Caffeine fix: Latte, plus a single shot of espresso

Favourite tools: VS Code, Python and C#

Currently watching: Azure Friday video podcasts

Dream destination: The Himalayas

Ask me anything about: Veracity platform components, cyber security or Chinese culture and food.